Why buying Leaping Bunny certified products is the better purchase.

The growing awareness of our generation’s environmental and social responsibilities has led to the increasing popularity of cruelty-free shopping. Cruelty-free products, which encompass cosmetics, fashion, food, and household items, are not tested on animals and are free from any animal-derived ingredients. As consumers, we are now more mindful of not only the final product but also the ethical processes involved in its creation. By choosing cruelty-free products, we actively contribute to positive change in the world, taking small yet significant steps towards a more sustainable and ethical future. 

An instrumental force in transforming our shopping habits is the Leaping Bunny certification program. This program not only safeguards animals from unnecessary testing but also instills peace of mind in conscious consumers.  Look for the logo!

Moreover, it empowers everyday shoppers to make informed and ethical decisions based on research and knowledge. Recognizing and supporting Leaping Bunny certified products can have a profound impact on our purchasing choices and even influence manufacturing practices worldwide.  

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, buying a Leaping Bunny certified product offers several advantages over a non-certified product. Here are some key reasons why choosing Leaping Bunny certified products is beneficial: 

  1. Cruelty-Free Guarantee: Leaping Bunny certification ensures that the product you purchase was not created with ingredients that have not been tested on animals at any stage of its development.  
  2. Higher Product Standards: Each year we must recommit to Leaping Bunny organization that we only use high-quality, safe, and effective ingredients in Tangie products. By selecting Leaping Bunny certified options, you will have confidence you are investing in products that have met strict criteria for quality and safety. 
  3. Consumer Awareness and Transparency: The Leaping Bunny certification program helps educate consumers about cruelty-free choices and encourages transparency within the industry. By actively seeking out Leaping Bunny certified products, you will contribute to a growing demand for ethical alternatives and send a powerful message to companies that animal testing is not acceptable. 


Tangie is proud to be Leaping Bunny certified and we know that our products support cruelty-free practices, abide by a higher standard, encourage transparency, and reduce your exposure to toxins. 

Join us in celebrating our Leaping Bunny certification and choose Tangie when you are ready to buy natural and zero waste natural household cleaning and body care products!