Thank you for your interest in the services from Waste Free Products by Tangie. We offer Private Label, White Label and Wholesale options. With personal customer service, knowledge, a clean GMP-Certified facility, and the ability to fill your orders on time and with quality.

While private labeling and white labeling are very similar, there are subtle differences that distinguish the two.


Our soaps rebranded with your company information on the package. There is no adjustment in formulation. You will purchase Tangie products and sell them as your own branded products. We provide you with a finished product with your branding on the box. Minimum quantities 100 units.

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Similar to White Labelling but we can make some custom adjustments to the product(s) for scent and color. You will purchase and sell them as your own products. The modified soap is exclusive to you. We will not sell your customized bars to other wholesalers or retail customers. The product will be done in your brand identity. For packaged products, we provide you with a finished product with your branding on the box. Package free private label products are provided to you in bulk with no product box. Private Label takes more time, with higher minimum and additional set up costs. Minimums between 180 – 360 units depending on the product.

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We sell you Tangie products, in our packaging or package free, at a discounted price and you sell them to your customers for a higher price. We are very competitive with our wholesale margins, with most of our wholesale products pricing > 40% gross margin. No minimums.

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What we recommend BEFORE you Private Label or White Label with us.
1. Request a product sample to verify quality. Try the product(s) yourself before selling it to your
customers. We have a Best Sellers Kit priced at 28% below wholesale as a simple and cost-effective way
to try our best-selling products.
        a. Best Sellers Kit includes the following packaged products for $32.00
             i. Laundry Concentrate
             ii. Stain Remover Bar
             iii. Hand Wash Concentrate Lavender
             iv. Shampoo Bar Citrus
             v. Conditioner Bar Citrus
             vi. Shampoo Bar Drying Disk
             vii. Conditioner Bar Drying Disk
             viii. Foaming Soap Dispenser Lid with waterproof stickers
        b. Order from this link for discounted pricing.


Product specifications.
To provide you with the most accurate information, provide us a list of the products you are interested in and whether you want to Private Label, White Label or Wholesale.

Instructions for packaging production.
File format requirements – either editable Ai, EPS, PDF or PSD file with the complete layers. The files must be high resolution with the fonts being curved/outlined.

UNACCEPTABLE file formats – We do not accept jpeg files or files which are low resolution.

Best way to share the files –  Shared file on Outlook or Dropbox

Lead Time for Private Label. 
2 – 4 weeks (product & box production time + shipping) AFTER proof approval.

Customer Support.
You are the customer support when you buy and sell our products. We do not handle your customer’s concerns. You can contact us for information to best resolve the issue for your client as we want to be good customer support for you.

After the Sale.
We do not warrant the product after the sale for White Label and Private Label. 

Tangie owns the intellectual property which accompanies the products sold to you through White Label and Wholesale. Packaging design done for you for Private Label purposes are your property.

Tangie is a trademark owned by Tangie LLC.

Product defects and damaged goods are handled per basis and must be reported to our office within 2 days of delivery confirmation or you will forfeit your right to resolution. We always do our best to resolve any issues. We want this to be a successful business relationship for us both.

Details of your orders and pricing will be confirmed by the invoice you receive after details of your order request has been discussed.

We have no hidden fees or additional manufacturing costs; you will get everything up front from us.
Contact us about what can work best for your business or growing company.

Angie Ringler
Tangie LLC dba Waste Free Products
call or text 954-439-0310
office 352-641-0046