Where to buy waste free products?

waste free product

With all the talk about waste-free products, it’s hard to know if you are really getting the right eco-alternatives when looking for zero waste products. For me, I started with companies my business does business with. That seemed logical and easy! Some of my favorite stores are physical locations where you can buy waste-free products in your own town. For those that say, ‘but Angie, I don’t have a waste-free store in my area.’ I hear you loud and clear! There are not enough of them. So when you know of one, it is important to support it…and share their information with others so they can buy waste-free products from them too. The more people swapping out their bottled brands for refillable or plastic-free products, the less plastic waste ends up in our ecosystem. 

The best resource I have to share for zero waste products is a map that shows all the stores that sell Tangie brand, Waste Free Products. The map is an easy way to see where our products are sold. These stores also carry other brands that offer plastic-free products.


waste free product

Here is a direct link: Where To Buy Waste Free Products

I don’t give you this link for you to buy my brand there, although I can’t stop you; I share the link as a quick reference. These are stores I already know are really trying to do the right thing and make a difference in their communities. 

Another way to find where to buy waste-free products near you is to do a Google search with the term ” buy waste-free products”

  • Simple. 
  • To the point.
  • Get’s results fast.

Matter of fact, I tried it right now as I write this article and found a new resource for myself to buy waste-free product food and household items. How kismet is that!? Litterless.com 

Not only is Litterless.com a helpful resource for me in my own state, but I can also use it while traveling out-of-state. I hope you find a store from their directory. If you know of a store but they are not on the list, you can submit that store. While on their website, I took the time to submit my local health food store, Health Basket of Mount Dora, because they were not on the list. It took less than a minute to submit. Litterless.com even has listings for where to compost in your area. I think that is so cool. Composting is important, but that is a whole other article!

waste free product

To bring this train into the station, finding stores near you where to buy waste-free products is now easier than ever with the internet. Take a few minutes and check the links provided here or do the search, using specific terms. Either way, my guess is you will find something near you. If not, there are many great online retailers. Like any store, finding ones that are not greenwashing will take some due diligence on your part. Unfortunately, just because a website looks pretty and uses all the right words doesn’t mean they are practicing what they preach. Everything we read on the internet is not true, amazing, I know. 

If you want to buy a product that produces no waste, you will need to ask some questions either through email or instant chat on a company website. Ask questions! Ask if they use plastic shipping materials. Inquire how the product is actually packaged. Many times a website has photos only of the product, not the actual packaging. Many times we might ‘assume’ a product will be packaged thoughtfully because it is marketed as waste-free or sustainable but that may not be true. 

waste free product

The good news is, when you do this research and find companies are in alignment with, then the search is over. You can keep doing business with those companies. Get on their mailing list. Stay informed. A mailing list allows the business to stay in contact with you and you with them. You may not remember the exact name of the website or brand when it’s time to reorder but you can be sure when that newsletter arrives, something will jog your memory reminding you about your good experience with them. 

Newsletters are the best way to learn about a brand’s new product offerings. Trying to keep up with all the social media posts takes way more work than reading a newsletter! I know we all get a lot of emails, but we also have the ability to just read the ones that truly interest us and delete the rest without a thought. 

So go ahead, take the time to do the search and I promise it will be worth it. When you use products that don’t produce waste; or less waste than your current brand, you’ll feel really good and know that your choices today will be beneficial for generations to come.

Thanks for reading today and feel free to leave me a comment about a cool eco store where you buy waste-free products and let’s give them the recognition they deserve! Meanwhile don’t forget to check out our amazing waste-free products as well


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