Why buying Leaping Bunny certified products is the better purchase.

The growing awareness of our generation’s environmental and social responsibilities has led to the increasing popularity of cruelty-free shopping. Cruelty-free products, which encompass cosmetics, fashion, food, and household items, are not tested on animals and are free from any animal-derived ingredients. As consumers, we are now more mindful of not only the final product butread more

How to get your best curls with sulfate free shampoo & the Curly Girl Method

Girl with curly red hair

The Curly Girl Method is a way of taking care of curly hair that uses natural products without sulfates. Lorraine Massey, a hairstylist, created this method to help curly hair grow well, look defined, and be less frizzy. To do this, there are several things you need to do regularly when you take care ofread more

Earth’s climate is severely changing in every region and across the whole climate system: Claims UN-backed report.

Scientists are observing worrying changes in the Earth’s climate. According to the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) many of the changes observed in the climate are unprecedented in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, and some of the changes already set in motion—such as continued sea-level rise—are irreversibleread more

The Plastic in Your Periods: Are You Staining the Planet?

Being an eco-warrior and a woman, I’ve always felt that we aren’t given enough choice when it comes to period products. It’s really a bloody shame because big-brand disposable period products are not only a health hazard, but a potential hazard for the environment as well. In fact, menstrual products are currently the 5th mostread more

Do sulfate shampoos really strip color from hair?

While doing research for our zero waste shampoo bar, I came across this well written and informative article. Before offering a shampoo bar, I wanted to make sure it would work well for many hair types, including colored.  Many homes have multiple people using the same products, so I wanted to keep it simple andread more

Tired of lifting heavy jugs of laundry soap?

When choosing to use our refillable Laundry Concentrate, you can go totally utilitarian or keep it up with our stylish laundry soap dispenser lid. The laundry dispenser lid makes it easy to measure and dispenser one-ounce of liquid laundry soap. If you’re worried about using just the right amount (it’s ok to be obsessive about laundry) we also offer our laundry soap dispenser lid made fromread more