Hand Sanitizer


Crafted with the power of mother nature, the all-natural hand sanitizer from Waste Free Products kills 99% germs from your hands without the harmful chemicals! Made with powerful plant ingredients to form an antiseptic that removes bacteria and germs from your hands and is safe to use for the entire family.

Our gentle formula will leave your hands clean with 65% alcohol and moisturized with our special additive hyaluronic acid. Comes in a glass bottle with an aluminum twist cap, which means no excessive plastic waste making it a plastic free product. This 16-ounce bottle is intended to refill your existing dispensers. No plastic pumper included. Once you have used up the hand sanitizer, you can upcycle the bottle and cap to store other stuff as well.

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Place this sticker on the hand sanitizer bottle you will be refilling.
This item: Hand Sanitizer
Comes With 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We understand trying new products can be risky, so all our Waste Free products come with a 30-Day full money back guarantee.