Lavender Hand Soap Paste. Dissolves To Make One Gallon.

$19.99 available on subscription

Now available in Unscented, Citrus and Lavender. This bar of paste DISSOLVES TO MAKE OVER ONE GALLON OF LIQUID HAND SOAP! Your requests for refillable hand soap have been answered. Our all-natural Hand Soap Paste dissolves to make over a gallon of liquid hand soap. You can now refill your pumpers, foamers, soap dispensers, even mason jars with liquid hand soap. Don’t have a dispenser, we got you covered. Due to the thin consistency, the dissolved Hand Soap Paste performs perfectly in a foaming pumper.

Take a look at our foam pumpers. It fits any size standard mason jar neck opening. We understand bar soap is not for everyone. For those that like the ease and convenience of a liquid hand soap, but hate all the plastic bottle waste that comes with it; our Hand Soap Paste is for you.

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