Laundry Soap Dispenser Lid

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When form meets function and crossed with reclaimed wood, you get this beautiful Laundry Soap Dispenser Lid. Simply by screwing this lid to a glass jar, you instantly make your own laundry soap container.

The lid screws easily onto any jar with a standard canning jar neck opening. The fitted cap measures one-ounce of liquid when full. Simply pour the amount of laundry soap you need into the cap then empty the cap into your washing machine as recommended by the manufacturer.

This Laundry Soap Dispenser Lid pairs perfectly with our zero-waste laundry detergent. Laundry Concentrate paste, as we call it, is sold with a pretty instruction sticker for you to place on whatever jar you choose. Making the soap easy to identify in the jar plus a handy reminder of the usage amounts.

No more ugly plastic jugs!

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