Hair and Body Oil


Your hair and skin both go through so much –heat, friction, pollution, and harsh chemical treatments. It certainly deserves love & care with natural, vegan, toxic free chemicals. Our highly versatile hair & body oil is your answer to combining all the goodness of mother earth. The oil nourishes your skin and adds luster and volume to damaged hair.

Filled in a recyclable aluminum bottle and recyclable aluminum lid. We encourage reusing instead of recycling bottles.

Carbon balanced. Tangie purchases carbon credits through Terrapass to offset 100% of our carbon footprint (including your order) by investing in strategic forest preservation projects.

Rice bran oil, coconut oil, Baobab oil, Rosemary essential oil, Red Raspberry oil and Hemp oil.

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The Drying Disk allows you to keep your bar dry in between uses so your bar lasts longer = saving you money.
This item: Hair and Body Oil
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