Best Sellers Intro Pack


At Tangie, we believe it is always best when you can try the products before your customers do. I’ve put together this “BEST SELLERS INTRO PACK” as a way to provide you full-size products to use and see how these products will fit on your store shelves.

The Best-Sellers Pack includes Laundry Concentrate, Hand Wash Concentrate Lavender, Shampoo Bar Citrus, Conditioner Bar Unscented, Foaming Pump: Black, Drying Disk: Shampoo, Drying Disk: Conditioner.

Wholesale Value: $44.80 Over 27.5% Off!

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Comes With 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We understand trying new products can be risky, so all our Waste Free products come with a 30-Day full money back guarantee.
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