Best Sellers Intro Pack

$44.80 $32.00

At Tangie, we believe it is always best when you can try the products before your customers do. I’ve put together this “BEST SELLERS INTRO PACK” as a way to provide you full-size products to use and see how these products will fit on your store shelves.

The Best-Sellers Pack includes Laundry Concentrate, Hand Wash Concentrate Lavender, Shampoo Bar Citrus, Conditioner Bar Unscented, Foaming Pump: Black, Drying Disk: Shampoo, Drying Disk: Conditioner.

Wholesale Value: $44.80 Over 27.5% Off!

This item: Best Sellers Intro Pack
$44.80 $32.00
$44.80 $32.00
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