Going Plastic Free Room By Room

Ebook by Angie ringler, founder of waste free products

There is a lot of chatter about plastic waste and how it is filling up our oceans and piling up as high as mountains in several countries. The plastic waste problem can fall on deaf ears and not for lack of empathy, but rather – an out of sight, out of mind mentality. Falling victim to this mindset is easy, especially when life is filled with scheduled events, reminders, constant dinging on our phones, and always multi-tasking.

This book is written as an easy road map to removing plastic from your home and your life. Filled with valuable pictures, links, and descriptions including a checklist to log your progress.

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Angie ringler

Angie Ringler is the founder of the environmentally conscious business Tangie LLC, doing business as
WasteFreeProducts.com. She is a third generation Floridian living in Central Florida with her husband of 20 years. Angie graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a BA degree and undergraduate in Law. She worked as a paralegal for many years before founding her company in 2012.

What makes Angie a unique eco warrior is the fact that she taught herself to discover solutions for her own personal health and skin issues. Through her resourcefulness and investigative spirit, she developed a unique manufacturing process which eliminated plastic bottles needed for liquid cleaning products.

Her life journey has been insightful and she has promulgated her belief in reducing single-use plastic by not using any plastic packaging or shipping in her business. ‘Going Plastic Free Room By Room: The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Swaps’ is her first book, wherein she tracks her journey of the plastic-free options she adopted and implemented in her life, along with all the research undertaken for herself and her business. She brings a realistic approach to reducing plastic in your life by sharing practical tips which will help you develop day-to-day habits minimizing wasteful consumption.

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