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Shaving soap bar – Your Personal Guide

Have you ever had a go at shaving soap? In case you’re a lady like me, presumably not. Shaving soap bars are a crucial segment of the wet shaving technique, even though it’s commonly reserved for men . It’s such a disgrace, however. Wet shaving with a shaving soap bar is more affordable, more environmentallyread more

Foaming hand soap refill

Foamy soap. It’s like whipped cream or a cloud on your hands. What’s not to love about that! Hand washing is not necessarily something people look forward to doing, especially these days, when it seems like we are constantly washing our hands, but it is a great habit so why not make the hand soapread more

Holiday Stains and How to Remove Them: 5 Toughest Holiday Stains Removed

Cloth napkins:  I will assume you pull out the good cloth napkins at the holidays, although you can use them all year long. Just sayin. The easiest way to treat cloth napkins stains is to soak them as soon as the meal is over.  I know many families use the same cloth napkins for severalread more

3 Reasons To Be A Zero-Waste Warrior

waste free product

A future without nature is no future at all and slowly more and more people are realizing this fact. Much like ethical trends like veganism, zero-waste and waste-free products are getting the right attention that it deserves. The planet is crying out loud asking us to join the revolution and start eliminating the use ofread more

I Dream Of Living A Zero-Waste Life, Here Are The Struggles I Face

I used to be wasteful. I still feel wasteful, but certainly not like I used to be. The transition to being less wasteful has been a slow but steady race for me.  I admit that zero-waste living can be hard and I should learn to be more gentle with myself. When I feel like Iread more

How to detect and avoid greenwashing

The ‘green movement’ has brought out the worst and best in some people. You are probably familiar with the term ‘greenwashing’. Wikipedia defines greenwashing as a form of marketing spin in which green PR and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization’s products, aims, and policies are environmentally friendly andread more

Where to buy waste free products?

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With all the talk about waste-free products, it’s hard to know if you are really getting the right eco-alternatives when looking for zero waste products. For me, I started with companies my business does business with. That seemed logical and easy! Some of my favorite stores are physical locations where you can buy waste-free productsread more

8 Easy Tips To Sustainable Living Tips

Tips for eco-friendly, plastic-Free packaging, carbon Neutral, cleaning solutions

Looking to make eco improvements in your life? Consider taking advantage of some of these easy, everyday tips. As you continue on your journey down the road to sustainable living, these tips will be come habits. The following 8 easy tips to sustainable living are all excellentexamples of what it’s like to live the more