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The Plastic in Your Periods: Are You Staining the Planet?

Being an eco-warrior and a woman, I’ve always felt that we aren’t given enough choice when it comes to period products. It’s really a bloody shame because big-brand disposable period products are not only a health hazard, but a potential hazard for the environment as well. In fact, menstrual products are currently the 5th mostread more

The Best Eco-Friendly Soap Bars 

Everyone loves a good lather! Whether you’re washing your hands, washing your hair or doing a full scrub down in the shower while belting out your favorite tune—there’s just something about a bubbly, sudsy lather that makes us feel cleaner than clean.Soap has been present in our culture for many years and has been maderead more

Shaving soap bar – Your Personal Guide

Have you ever had a go at shaving soap? In case you’re a lady like me, presumably not. Shaving soap bars are a crucial segment of the wet shaving technique, even though it’s commonly reserved for men . It’s such a disgrace, however. Wet shaving with a shaving soap bar is more affordable, more environmentallyread more