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Why Refuse Plastic and Invite Plastic Free Products into Your lives?

You have the power to make a change – with your own action!
  1. Recycling requires large amounts of fossil fuels. Sometimes, recycling waste may not be less costly as most people think. At times, a need arises to establish another waste recycling unit for processing. This will only drive up the costs related setting up the new unit or upgrading the processing facility, collection of waste materials, acquiring different utility vehicles, educating residents by organizing seminars and other programs.
  2. Recycling is not widespread on large scale. Recycling has not been widely embraced and developed and is just a small part of long-term success.
  3. Pollution causing fossil fuel useage. A truck is needed to take your recyclables to a processsing plant. Electricity, derived from oil or natural gas is used by the power company to power the machines that process your recyclables. A truck – using more fossil fuels – is used to take the partially processed recyclables to another processing company.

Cargo ships, full of American consumer waste, – plastic bottles – are being rejected by countries across the world. 83200000 laundry bottles used in United States.

By using Tangie’s waste free products, you’ve decided that you will not be using wasteful plastic containers and commit to zero waste plastic free products.

If you eliminate 3 plastic containers of soap a week, times 52 weeks, well, that’s – 156 plastic containers NOT polluting our environment! Have a friend join you and that comes to 312 plastic containers NOT polluting our environment. All of our packaging is biodegradable and will not harm the environment.

For zero waste products that we don’t provide, please visit our eco-partners page.


Number Of Laundry Loads Washed With our waste free laundry detergent


Plastic Laundry Bottles We Saved From Landfills


Laundry Bottle Reduction Goal For 2020

We are very proud to say that Tangie is a Carbon Neutral company, offering 100% waste free products and plastic free products. We are Leaping Bunny certified, Green America Business certified and EWG rated A for our waste free Laundry Paste.

Leaping Bunny america certified as eco concious business
Plastic free cleaning solutionfor planet
carbon neutral certified by terrapass

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I have very curly, dry, color treated (bleached) hair, and this conditioner works pretty well! I have to take the time to really work it in but i’ve been having great results. I was easily able to detangle my hair with this conditioner and that was a huge surprise! My only complaint is that I wish it was a bigger bar 😹

Melissa B

I have been using this product for over a year and I’m very pleased. I have waist-length, baby fine hair. It lathers well and keeps my hair very clean. Love it!

Kym F. / Facebook

The BEST zero waste laundry paste ever. It left my clothes very clean (even the stinky active wear). So grateful I found this amazing product that’s good for my family and the planet.

Christine C.

Member of

Members of International association for women
Member of elc chamber