5 Reasons To Start Using a Zero Waste Dish soap

The problem with normal dish soap

You just cooked an amazing Sunday brunch for your family and you’ve enjoyed some really yummy dishes with your family. But, then it dawns upon you that your perfectly cooked dinner has left quite the number of dirty utensils and dishes that you need to clean. Well, I am pretty sure that a bar of zero-waste dish soap is probably something that never crossed your mind in the first place.

While your traditional zero waste dish soap gets the dishes clean, you end up polluting the environment without realizing it. The toxic chemicals in the dish soap can not only harm our health but severely harm marine life as well. 

Honestly, if you ask me, a zero waste dish soap is one of the coolest waste-free swaps that anybody can make without compromising on the effectiveness and its ability to clean the dishes.

So, here are 5 Reasons To Start Using a Zero Waste Dish soap

Toxic Chemicals & Ingredients:

Normal dish soaps contain ingredients that are super toxic to the environment. I mean sure they definitely get the job done and not all chemicals in those soaps are bad for our bodies – But, some of them tend to severely disrupt the balance of our ecosystem.

When our dishes are washed some of the harmful chemicals can linger on our dishes. For instance, some of the most popular liquid dish soaps contain bleach.

Being an eco-warrior I can tell you with the utmost confidence that you really wouldn’t want them having a party in your dishes while you eat food from them.

Unnecessary Waste of All Sorts:

REALITY CHECK! Conventional dish soap 80% of the time is packaged in a plastic container. Well, yea some of them are refillable but, these bottles take more than 100 years to break down.  Using conventional liquid dish soaps also contribute to global waste. Not to mention the extra amount of water you end up using. All things apart, when using a dish soap that has harmful toxins in it, we also contribute to water pollution as well. Even though the water is treated, it’s extremely difficult to remove all of the toxins.

The habits of using conventional products and the reluctance to adopt waste-free products run deep within our subconscious. But, making a zero-waste swap can be easier than you think. All you have to do is make some minor adjustments and the best part about is the fact that you are going to make a positive impact on the planet just by making a more conscious choice ofswitching to a zero-waste dish soap

Zero-waste dish soap is environmentally friendly

By now we have set the premise that traditional dish soaps are not only one of the main reasons for plastic waste, potential water contamination, and harming marine life. On the other hand, a zero-waste dish soap is completely waste less.

The Tangie zero waste dish soap is both plastic-free and toxic-free! Foams great, cleans everything you’ll throw at it, and your hands won’t feel dry, not to mention no plastic container to ‘recycle’.

The waste-free products vegan soap bars are simply made of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil Pomace, Sea Salt & Love!

Gentle on your hands and on the planet

Zero waste soap bars don’t contain any harmful chemicals and thus it’s gentle on your hands and just as good for the planet and our oceans. 

Waste Free Product’s gentle formula doesn’t dry out your skin. Instead, it won’t ever let your hands feel dry and it will clean everything you’ll throw at it, without leaving a toxic residue on your dishes.

Helps you make a positive impact on the planet

We often think that our monthly liquid dish soap bottles aren’t much of a waste. Let’s add that number with our neighbors, then add it up with the number of people in the city thinking the same way right to the entire world. Can you imagine the amount of plastic waste we are creating just using conventional laundry soap that comes in plastic packaging? Even by switching to one zero-waste alternative, you can be making a huge impact on the planet.

This small conscious decision of yours can be a starting point to a completely zero-waste life. For all that is worth you may end up being an eco-warrior. The bottom line is to live a conscious life and reduce the amount of personal waste we create.

As a humble initiative to help you transition into this change, I challenge you to finish up your current dishwashing soap and then switch over to the Tangie zero-waste dish soap.

Our zero-waste dish soap is an amazing option to make the transition into your zero-waste journey. It’s affordable, easy to use, and safe for you and the planet.


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